Perioral dermatitis, skin problems common among adult women face

Perioral dermatitis

Perioral dermatitis is a skin disease common among adult women face. It rarely occurs in men. It can sometimes affect children. Groups of itchy or tender small red papules (bumps) appear most often around the mouth. Substituting the skin bordering the lips (which seems so clear), but develop on the sides of the chin, then spreading to include the upper lip and cheeks. The surrounding skin may be pink, and the surface of the skin often becomes dry and scaly.

Often, the skin around the nose is affected too, and sometimes around the eyes (when it should instead be called "peri-peri-ocular, or better yet, dermatitis.) Rarely, perioral dermatitis can affect the skin or genitals, the skin all around 'ano.

Cause of Perioral dermatitis perioral or not?

The exact cause of perioral dermatitis and / or peri-dermatitis not included. Patients who are sensitive to peri-oral dermatitis tend to have a fat face, at least in the affected areas. The rash is probably caused by:

- Neglecting to wash the face with soapy water or a soap free cleanser.
- Face creams applied to the area bounded by lines on the cheeks and chin, or around the eyes, in the case of periocular dermatitis. Moisturizers, cleansers cream, make-up and all the sunscreens can cause perioral dermatitis.
-Steroid creams or ointments, which seem to be the most common cause. Which are sometimes applied quite inadvertently, touched by the fingers occupy another part of the body. The steroid cream stronger, faster and severe peri-oral dermatitis which may result.

Recent research suggests perioral dermatitis may be linked to the growth of bacteria or yeasts in the hair follicles.


Fortunately, peri-oral dermatitis responds well to treatment.

- Suspend the application of all the face creams including topical steroids, cosmetics and sunscreen.
Note: When you stop a steroid cream, the rash worsened while few days before it gets better. Do not apply face creams in the affected areas in the future, the rash may recur.
If you must be outdoors during the summer months, choose a sun-tan lotion, gel or light.
- Wash your face with warm water, while the other rash is present. When you go, use a non-soap or liquid detergent.
- Your doctor or dermatologist may also prescribe a course of oral antibiotics for six to twelve weeks. Normally, tetracycline or one of its derivatives is recommended. Topical antibiotics such as erythromycin, clindamycin or metronidazole tend to be less effective. Azelaic acid may be useful, and can be used during pregnancy.

Perioral dermatitis sometimes comes when antibiotics are stopped, or at a later date. The same treatment can be used again.

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